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Welcome to the Home of the Red Lake Falls Blue Line Club

Position Open

We are looking for someone to take over our Annual Arena Sponsorships position, which is part of our Fundraising.

This position is responsible to renew, add, or remove any businesses that would like to keep or discontinue an advertisement board inside the arena. Contact Rachel Gagner or Kelli Brateng for more details.


To prepare for our 2023-2024 upcoming season registration will go Live July 1st. USA Hockey registration is open for the upcoming season, USA Hockey has a fee for players older than 6 years old. You need to be registered with USA Hockey before you can register with RLF BLC.  

Go to Registration Tab for more information on fees.

Need To Get Or Exchange Equipment?

It is getting to be that time of year and hockey is right around the corner.  Before we know it, the gear will be pulled out to find that our skaters have grown and nothing fits.  Some have been playing summer hockey and others have left the gear in the bag all summer.

There are several skaters who are signed up for PEP starting on Sept 29th-Oct 1st. The arena will be open on Wednesday, September 27th, from 5:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. for those who want to exchange their gear before the camp.

*** Please note that the equipment room will be open the first week of the regular season for equipment handouts and exchanges. This pertains to the kids that are not participating in the PEP camp. ***

What to check:

  • Chest Protector, Breezers, Elbow Pads, Shin Pads, Helmet, Gloves, and Skates.
  • Velcro worn out?  Shin guards broken?  Helmet sizing?  Gloves torn up?

Also, please check for any extra gear that is not being used by skaters for the upcoming season so that those items can be returned to the inventory to allow us to get counts for sizes.

If there are any questions, please reach out as soon as possible!

Chris -

PEP Camp!

The 3-day PEP camp will be held September 29 - October 1, each session is 50 minutes. Time slots per level are listed below: 

Friday, September 29th

  • Mites: 4:30pm
  • Squirts: 5:35pm
  • PeeWees: 6:40pm
  • Bantams: 7:35

Saturday, September 30th

  • Mites: 10:00am
  • Squirts: 11:05am
  • PeeWees: 12:10pm
  • Bantams: 1:15pm 

Sunday, October 1st

  • Mites: 10:00am
  • Squirts: 11:05am
  • PeeWees: 12:10pm
  • Bantams: 1:15pm 

Click here for Registration Link


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