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    Welcome to the home of the
    Red Lake Falls Blue Line Club!

    Red Lake Falls Blue Line Calendar Raffle! 


    $50.00 per Calendar

    Checks payable to:
    Red Lake Falls Blue Line Club

    90+ prizes will be given away!

    56 Firearms
    Chartered Fishing Trip (1 day/6 person)
    4 Pellet Grills
    Visa Gift Cards
    Many Gift Certificates to Local Businesses

    RLF Blue Line Families: It is VERY important that you get your calendars sold and money turned in, as soon as possible! We are only, about a month, away from the drawings. PLEASE turn your money in as soon as you can, so that we know what has been sold and we can account for it.

    If you are in a position where you absolutely cannot sell your calendars, please bring them back so that we can have others try and sell them.

    You can turn your money in at Thibert Chevrolet & Buick, Inc. to Sara Kenfield or Mandi Cardinal, you can also pick up more calendars there.

    Thanks for all of your hard work on this raffle. It will be a great money maker for our organization, and our youth, if we all help out and get those calendars sold!


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